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We are glad to wel­co­me you on our web­si­te com­pa­ny!

The Glas­man Com­pa­ny pro­duces clas­si­cal men’s clot­hing that fits all the cus­to­mer’s ne­eds. Our go­ods ha­ve an exc­lu­sive de­sign and high qua­lity. Clas­si­cal clot­hing is de­sig­ned for ac­ti­ve men who are wil­ling to bu­ild up a ca­re­er and ha­ve a de­sire to lo­ok bright.

In 2008 the com­pa­ny de­velo­ped and imp­le­men­ted the pro­ject "Our uni­form for our scho­ols”. To­day our scho­ol uni­form col­lecti­on is high­ly re­com­mended by our litt­le pu­pils and the­ir pa­rents. Eco­logi­cal­ly sa­fe and com­fort tex­ti­le, high qua­lity app­li­ed ma­teri­als and ac­cesso­ri­es are used in the ma­nufac­tu­re of scho­ol uni­forms.

High qua­lity, re­aso­nab­le pri­ces and res­ponsib­le work ma­kes GLAS­MAN dif­fe­rent from ot­her com­pa­ni­es.

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