About us

The "GLASMAN” company was established in 1998 and it is a real story of one family’s achievement. For already 13 years the company successfully develops and improves the textile manufacture, quality and style.

There are 250 highly qualified staff members working in the company who constantly improve their knowledge and go through professional advancement courses in the CIS region and abroad.

In the beginning of 2008 some famous designers from Turkey were invited to design school uniforms and men’s wear and they still continue to design new collections every year.

The factory is equipped with new high tech sewing facilities of such leading companies as A-S-S, PFAFF, DUERKOPP, AMF-REECE and pressing devices of INDUPRESS company. High quality imported textile is used in the manufacture of men’s clothing and applied materials of German companies KUFFNER and GUTERMANN. Each product goes through the five step quality control on every stage of manufacture.

The automated system of manufacture allows to produce clothing that meets all the demands of world level classical fashion that also makes our products not inferior in quality of foreign analogs and considering the price our products overcome in competitiveness.