How to remove stains

If stain is fresh put clean cloth to it to absorb excess moist. Then follow one of the instructions below depending on the type of stain.

Alcoholicdrinks (exceptredwine)

Put clean sponge cloth to the fabric to absorb excess moist. Using sponge wipe the stain out with solution of spirit and warm water (1:1).


As soon as possible put cloth moist with spirit and water solution (3:1) to stain.

Chocolate/Coffee with milk/Tea

Wipe surface of stain with cloth moist with spirit, and then follow steps specified in Black Coffee Paragraph.


Press damp sponge to stain surface as soon as possible. Then wipe the stain with undiluted vinegar.


Scrub stained surface with spoon or blunt side of your knife trying to collect as much fat as possible, and then press cloth moist with spirit to stained surface.

Grass stains

Wash stained surface with soap (one-piece or powder soap) and then wipe lightly with cloth moist with spirit.


Pressing lightly wipe stained surface with cloth most with spirit. Repeat the procedure using cloth moist with water mixed with spirit or spirit vinegar.

Lipstick/Cosmetics/Footwear cream

Wipe stained surface with cloth moist with spirit or turpentine.


Before you start the procedure on stain perform it on the underside of fabric. Never use hot water or bleachers to remove fat stains.